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Revenue Cycle Management


Dynamic Revenue Cycle Management

We provide seamless healthcare billing for physician services, in addition to comprehensive accounts receivable management. Let us help make you the most money possible so that you can worry about what is most important, treating patients.

Reduce accounts receivable and resolve first-pass denials.

Enhance the patient experience.

Increase your collections and decrease bad debt write-offs.

Improve net revenue and contain costs.

Negotiate better fee rates with payers.

Explore Our Process

Soaring Denial Rates. Unpaid Patient Accounts Growing.

Our Processes can Help.

Charge Entry & Claim Submission

Super bill / Encounter Forms are used to capture details like Date of Service, Referring Physician, Rendering Physician, Place of Service, Type of Service, CPT Codes, ICD Codes, Modifiers, Authorization or Referral Details and Co-pay.

EOB Posting & Follow-up

EOB / Private Checks or scanned credit card statements are used to capture details like Patient Account Number / Patient Control Number, Patient Name, Date of Service, Procedure Code, Billed Amount, Allowed Amount, Adjusted Amount, Paid Amount, Deductibles and Denial Details, Refunds, Offsets and Reconciliation.

Denial Management

Our Denial Management process tracks every claim that has denied and can report this by payer, by CPT, by physician and by diagnosis. With this powerful information, we then utilize claim rules and edits that are specific enough to dramatically drive up the first-pass claim acceptance and stop the flood of denied claims.

Statements & Collections

We can enhance Provider’s revenue and sequentially increase your organization’s bottom line by payment processing, reducing days in A/R, claims submission improving collection ratio and increase the probability of payment through timely follow-up.

Why Choose Us

Outsourcing RCM to Med-Strategies can help make ICD-10—and other major industry changes—more manageable for your practice.

Outsourcing RCM key steps—from claims submission to payer collections—to us can help you avoid revenue slipping through the cracks.

Healthcare professionals enter medicine to care for patients, not spend their time completing paperwork and trying to make sense of the latest changes in medical billing. Let us lighten your administrative burdon so that you can get back to practicing medicine.

We report quality measures that allow you to measure or quantify healthcare processes, outcomes, patient perceptions, and organizational structure and/or systems that are associated with the ability to provide high-quality health care.

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